Photograph of a woman pouring tea from a small pot.

Photo: Ying He

Nexus Arts Presented

SALA Exhibition Opening: Jingwei Bu

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Nexus Arts Gallery presents a performance event to open the exhibition Pouring Tea Until It Is All Evaporated, by Jingwei Bu.

Pouring Tea Until It Is All Evaporated is the third stage of Bu’s on-going project of Material Habitats. Bu’s performances respond to the materiality of everyday objects and materials that represent both her own cultural heritage and shared experience. The act of pouring tea is extracted from the Buddhist Chan philosophy teaching that is about letting go of one’s obstinate intention. Tea pouring will be conducted by artist and audience to bring our attention to the present, which can lead to a sense of unbound ease and freedom.

Jingwei has been selected as a finalist in three SALA Festival award categories for her exhibition.


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