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Nexus Arts Presented

Where Water Meets

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with the Bowerbird Collective

Embark on a musical journey to the heart of the wilderness with Where Water Meets, a captivating chamber-folk duo that seamlessly blends folk, world, and classical genres into a cinematic soundscape like no other. Led by the visionary composing team of Emily Sheppard (violin/viola/vox) and Yyan Ng (guitar/shakuhachi/vox), Where Water Meets pushes the boundaries of a traditional folk ensemble, creating a transformative listening experience.

Join us for an enchanting evening of music inspired by the Tasmanian wilderness, as Where Water Meets performs selections from their critically acclaimed first album, River Islands. Using retuned instruments, ethereal vocals and driving polyrhythms, the duo paints a mesmerizing sonic landscape that evokes the beauty and mystery of nature.

For this very special performance, Where Water Meets will be joined by virtuosic musicians from The Bowerbird Collective (Simone Slattery and Anthony Albrecht) and Nexus Arts (Emily Tulloch). A unique performance not to be missed!

“A journey through well-crafted soundscapes and the imagination. Incredible musicians with a sublime and far-reaching creativity…setting new standards for Australian music.”

Steve Gadd, Former Director of Cygnet Folk Festival





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