Nexus Arts Presented

Willful Subjects

Curated by Yusuf Ali Hayat

Willful Subjects acknowledges experiences of living in societies which are racially and ethnically diverse. It questions why prejudices based on racialized segregation and a fracturing of cultural cohesion persist, and invites audiences to think the world and relationships differently. The exhibition features three sets of texts projected onto the gallery walls under the following headings – Unburdening, Unyielding, Imaginings. Unburdening exposes some of the ways racism manifests in everyday interactions. It is a space to externalise and release experiences of racism. Unyielding honours the willingness to be unwilling to conform to the demands of a monoculture. The text here includes truths we hold that keep people connected to language and culture despite negative experiences and pressures to integrate. Finally, the exhibition shares the responsibility for social justice outcomes with a broader audience through a series of provocations to imagine possible futures and different ways of being. Imaginings are gifts to an unknown receiver that send ripples out into relationships and the world outside the gallery. 





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