Interplay: April 2024

Q&A with Sivillion

We asked Sivillion (formally known as Simi Vuata) some questions in March after his successful Fringe season and ahead of his Eurovision debut!



You’ve taken a 10-year hiatus from music. What did it feel like, to bring your passion back to the surface and stage a debut performance during Adelaide Fringe 2024?
My passion allowed me to push past the fear of opening myself up again. I needed a 10 year hiatus to learn, growth, evolve and understand myself and my gift. It feels amazing to have successfully produced and presented my shows to the Adelaide Fringe audience.


Who would you say are your biggest musical influences, both as singers and as performers?
My number one of all time is Whitney Houston. Her gift both vocally and as a performer will forever be unmatched.

How useful was it to receive funding from Adelaide City Council for this Fringe season?
Funding from the Adelaide City Council allowed me to successfully produce and market to my audience as well as gain a new audience. I’m grateful to have recieved this. Without funding, it wouldn’t have been possible.

You are a member of Nexus Arts’ 2024 Interplay line-up, which is just so exciting. Who did you choose as your mentors and why?
The mentors I chose to work with are Leni and Naomi Keyte. Both incredibly talented artists that I feel I can utilise their resources and help mould myself as an emerging artist.

What are you hoping to get out of this one-year development program?
Collaboration, growth, collective development and aritist development being a part in my development being apart of this program. It’s new and fresh for me which is why I’m leaning into it.

You’re going to Eurovision 2024!!! When you found out that were you one of the backing singers for Electric Fields, what was your initial reaction?
Ecstatic is the feeling! The opportunity Electric Fields has provided me to be a part of Eurovision 2024 is both humbling and important as a First Nations artist. To be a voice for my people, the Wiradjuri people and to showcase this to the world is also very important to me. To support Electic Fields deliver such an important message of unity on a global stage is very exciting.

Finally, what are the three things you’re most looking forward to about this opportunity and your time in Sweden?
Being a part of the Eurovision machine is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The opportunity to be a sponge throughout, the growth and development it will give me and the opportunity to showcase one of the oldest living cultures on the planet to the rest of the world.