NEST: A Place Called Home

NEST: A Place Called Home is an evocative, sentimental, and thoughtful exhibition by Tailor Winston that calls attention to cultural awareness and personal boundaries. Inspired by the childhood urban myth of not putting your hand into a bird’s nest or the mother will reject her eggs when she returns, this sculptural and performative piece retells this mythology while commenting on the socio-cultural climate of contemporary Australian society.

Embodying multiple metaphors concerning gender, personal autonomy, and the cultural importance and significance of Afrocentric hair, Winston creates the conditions for curiosity in the audience member, emphasising the symbolism of the nest as a sacred place of transformation, creativity, and life.

Nexus Arts Gallery
Cnr North Tce + Morphett St
Tues – Fri, 10am – 4pm

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Join us for the Closing Event at Nexus Arts Gallery
Friday 27 August, 6pm
Performance by Tailor Winston at 6.30pm in the Gallery

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