STAUNCH: An Exploration of Aboriginal Queer Liberation

Curated by Dominic Guerrera

Photo: Thomas Mccammon

About the exhibition

Nexus Arts is delighted to present STAUNCH: An Exploration of Aboriginal Queer Liberation as part of Tarnanthi, and including works on loan from the Flinders University Museum of Art.

Curated by Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna and Italian writer and artist Dominic Guerrera, STAUNCH foregrounds queerness, exposing the diversity of possibilities that reside within Aboriginal identities. The exhibition presents a curated collection of work created by queer Aboriginal contemporary visual artists, presented alongside text quotes from three Aboriginal poets and against the backdrop of a previously unheard soundscape. STAUNCH celebrates Blak liberation found in ideas, in love and in togetherness.

Catalogue essay

Someone once asked me to describe Queerness, I replied: ‘If heterosexuality is about conforming to a ridged structure of sexuality, then Queerness is about the endless expressions of human sexuality, gender and sex, and the absence of them.’

We navigate against tides and winds that push us in our unnatural direction. Our feet march these streets, our arms hold and nurture babies, we are present and organising. We are community.

We are resistance, for we have more gazes upon our bodies, more knives pointed to our fronts and to our backs. We have been rejected from every corner of every community and yet we still shine more colors than a rainbow.

We create revolutions, we stand up for what is right, because if we don’t, who will?
This is not a burden, this is survival.

I created this exhibition out of a deep love for my second home, the Aboriginal Queer community. This home is filled with incredibly strong people, people who often excel in their lives, despite the need to cope with the additional layers of oppression we face. We are present in our communities, we contribute significantly, particularly when it comes to work of resistance and revolution. Any given movement for Aboriginal rights, has Aboriginal Queer people at the heart of it.

Hear us.

See us.

The artists presented don’t need me to create platforms for them to speak, they are a capable of doing so themselves. But rather, I need them–because through their expression and work I am informed, I am educated and I am able to take action. This exhibition is my classroom, I hope it becomes yours too.

-Dominic Guerrera

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Meet the artists & curators

Dominic Guerrera (he/him) is a Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna and Italian person. Dominic is a poet, podcaster and is currently undertaking a Masters in Gender Studies at Flinders University.

In 2020 Dominic curated his first art exhibition circles to us, which featured at Nexus Arts and in 2021 was the guest curator of the Context Writers Festival with Writers SA.

Dominic’s writing has featured in Granta Magazine, Artlink Magazine, Cordite Poetry Review and in 2021 was the winner of the Oodgeroo Noonuccal Poetry Prize.

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