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Bollywood music by Goonj

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An evening of spectacular musical grandeur to leave you wanting for more. 
Cover songs from across Bollywood, for you to enjoy and relish and sway to the tunes. An acoustic live band with a mix of multi-cultural artists collaborating to present Bollywood in their own style with a female lead singer.

Be ready for a soulful listening, a participative singing, clapping your hands, tapping your feet and get immersed in sounds of pure bliss and positive energy.

Presented by:
Sabika Jasmine

A versatile blend of musical styles from her Indian background brings an enticing flavour to Sabika Jasmine’s vocal performances. With expertise in Bollywood inspired music, but also trained in Hindustani Classical music, Sufi/devotional music, Ghazal, and Qawwali, her performances capture moods as diverse as soothing Sufi, sophisticated semi-classical stylings, to high energy Bollywood dance numbers. Having performed both as a stage artist and playback voice in India and currently based in Adelaide since last 6 years, Sabika has performed at Adelaide festival centre concerts, OzAsia Festival, events at Nexus arts, various multi-cultural events, concert events at Park side theatre, as well as with her Bollywood-inspired band ‘Goonj’ with multicultural artists.