Nexus Arts Presented

Neva-gu dyugurpa, From West Coast to City Centre

By Jayda Wilson

View the digital exhibition here.

our flesh and blood are testimonies to ancestral mastery
testimonies to blood memory, memory unseen
tut if you look closely at the in betweens of our sovereign skin
you’ll witness blood oozing the reign of our being

Neva-gu dyugurpa, From West Coast to City Centre brings together multiple works that explore the (re)telling of family history through archival material found locally in South Australia and internationally in Osaka, Japan. These documents of Jayda Wilson’s mama-gu mama-gu ngundyu Neva Wilson (b.1934 – passed. 2016), Wilson explores ideologies of blood memory and sovereignty through sound, photography and print.

Jayda Wilson is a proud Gugada and Wirangu emerging artist living and working on unceded Kaurna Yarta. Wilson’s practice is a journey to reclaiming their mother tongue through the (re)telling of family history with their visual practice acting as a site for (re)memory and (re)archiving. By working in mediums of sound and print they ground themselves culturally and affirm sovereignty through Gugada and Wirangu wangga, embedded in country on the Far West Coast of South Australia.