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A unique concert event exploring the fascinating mix of musical cultures along the Mediterranean in the medieval and early renaissance period, with special guests Aaron Brown (violin/rebec) and his ‘Early Modern Trio’, and santur player Maryam Rahmani in conjunction with Nexus Arts.

In this time Muslim culture prevailed in modern-day Spain alongside Judaic and Christian communities; flowed Eastward into France, Italy and Greece where vibrant dances and poetic forms evolved and found exchange, reaching to the Ottoman empire and Persia in the east.

Musical forms from this time continue to inspire, and Brown intertwines the traditional with the contemporary in an exotic fusion with Philip Griffin (oud) and Tunji Beier (hand percussion). Maryam Rahmani brings a beguiling presence on the santur, a traditional Iranian hammered dulcimer.

With Adelaide Baroque’s core players, we form a medieval band that will take you on an exotic journey in words and music in the cabaret setting of Nexus Arts.

Aaron Brown | violin
Philip Griffin | oud
Tunji Beier | hand percussion
Maryam Rahmani | santur
Adelaide Baroque Orchestra led by Ben Dollman


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