Jonathan Kim

Jonathan Kim’s practice places deep importance on the relationship between material and its environmental factors, named as Gong-gan-seong (spatiality). Kim’s works not only demonstrate the true value of mediums or materials but also provides people with a spatial experience through the concept of Gong-gan-seong.

In this exhibition Reciprocity, the Gong-gan-seong created by the reproduced structures is exhibited to the public through the gallery space to provide a spatial experience. Gong-gan is directly translated as space; however, that does not mean physical space in Kim’s research. Kim believes, from his East Asian background, that material has a transcendent nature other than physical, and the structure formed by the materials reflects its invisible or inherent properties. Therefore, Kim’s art practice places deep importance on the relationship between media and focuses more on the spatial concepts rather than the physical structure itself, to identify internal values through external structures.

This exhibition ran from 1 – 30 October in the Nexus Arts Gallery.

Reciprocity is still available to view online.